It’s art that touches the heart

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From The Province
Lynn Mitges
June 19, 2008

The summer solstice on Saturday seems like a good time to turn one’s thoughts to humanity via the beauty of art. And there are lots of gorgeous works on tap for the inaugural Unite With Art Auction and Gala. Executive director Julie Lee has pulled together dozens of stunning pieces for an auction for the Unite for Children campaign that is geared to support children who’ve been infected with HIV/AIDS. “I’m really pleased we have such a great collection. It’s very eclectic and diverse. Sometimes you don’t get that quality,” says Lee.

“This gets the message out there that this is an opportunity to own beautiful art.” The total value of the art is about $250,000 and Lee says she’d love to raise that much. Lee says much of the art has a poignancy that can’t be ignored: Gabryel Harrison’s gold-leaf and mixed- media work is done in Braille and the title is “Though blinded, We know love by its touch.” Raymond Martin, an artist and child psychologist, has created “La fleur jaune” as an expression of the spontaneous, intuitive child within. Some of the works are from such noted artists as Fred Herzog, Tiko Kerr and Robert Davidson.

From the clever whimsy of Leslie Supnet’s ink on paper, titled “Savings,” to Chris Jordan’s powerful inkjet print, “Pain Killers,” which depicts 213,000 Vicodan pills, the works range in estimated value from $300 to $25,000. The Unite for Children campaign is focused on helping children who have become HIV-positive from mother-child transmission. Lee says much of the art reflects the beauty and hope that is inspired through the Unite work. “It helps to look through a different lens,” says Lee.

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