ReGeneration was a 2 year educational initiative culminating in art workshops, a fair trade art exhibit and a documentary.

ReGeneration The Art Initiative
October 2006
11 disposable cameras, one indispensable nation
Group exhibition/Fair Trade Art Sale

Over 22 original works have been imagined and inspired by a gallery of b&w photos taken by 11 youth from the Lax Kw’alaams band, Tshimshian First Nation. Collaborating with the children’s photographs were 20 distinguished contemporary artists. The innovative and highly collectable works include photography, painting, and mixed media. Regeneration is a collaborative, education initiative and important local fair trade art event.

“Sustaining dignity and confidence is taxing when students are faced with entering a daunting system outside of the community, yet it can be done. It is this generation and the next that are reviving the beauty of the past, merging it with positive elements of the present to sustain a healthy future.” (Crystal Clark, Lax Kw’alaams school teacher/artist) The project encourages inter-community partnership as well as cross-cultural and creative opportunities for a remote first nations population. The initiative is intended to promote self-esteem and spark imagination for youth through a creative collaborative art process.

ReGeneration- The Documentary

11 children from a remote First Nations village are given hope and confidence when they interact with a group of artists from Vancouver. For a copy of the full length documentary please e-mail